Runner Coat Original

SKU: 77522BK-XS

Warm insulated athletic design with top zipper closure featuring metallic silver color. Original design features mix-knit side and collar trim. Size XS to XL have D-Ring design for leash attachment. Size 2XL to 4XL come with buckle design.

Step in easy on the legs
Stretch around chest
Belly is fully covered
Easy zip on top with assistant snap buttons
Dogs don't fight to put on this coat
Water resistant shell

Customer Reviews

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Superb in many ways!

I bought two of this specific style runner coat, easily 10 years ago and they have really held up and are hands down the best winter coat out there for little dogs. I like them because there’s enough room to layer a fleece underneath in the dead of winter but it’s also warm in the fall months. The best part is the D ring at the top which makes getting the pups dressed super easy. The coat is well made, the zippers never broke (nor the part that secures the D rings but I have only had the material replaced!). For reference, my 6 lb chihuahua is a size XS and my 11 lb chihuahua is a size S. Get one!


All 3 of my dogs have a runner coat...great for the winter months